DeveloperWeek 2014 Conference and Expo

Conference + Expo // Feb. 18-19 // Terra Gallery // San Francisco

Hackathon // Feb. 15-16
Week-Long Events // Feb. 15-21

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DeveloperWeek 2014 Conference & Festival Schedule

Februay 14
February 15
February 16
February 17
February 18
February 19
February 20
February 21
Hackathon Kickoff
Presented by Evernote
DeveloperWeek Hackathon
Rackspace Offices
Hiring Mixer
DeveloperWeek Conference Intro to
Neo4j Training
Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j
DeveloperWeek Expo Building the Payments Web
Official DeveloperWeek Cocktail Reception hosted by
Millennial Media
Memes as a Service – Google App Engine codelab Prototype Day
Beyond Web Apps Mobile Gaming – The After Party – PapayaMobile / Appflood GraphPUB SF
Bugcrowd Developer Week 2014 Open House and Presentation The Future of the Internet of Things Parse + Facebook DeveloperWeek Official Closing Party
Wine for (Savvy Inspired Powerful) Women Technologists Perfecting the Social Data Cocktail A/B testing on web and mobile
Legal Issues for Developers Get AMP’d at Ampush Developer Happy Hour: Building Hadoop 2 Applications
Reboot at Yelp Globant DevWeek Mixer featuring Jason Hunter (MarkLogic) NSA Comedy Tour 2.0
Avenue Code
Open House
Graphing and Analyzing Data
Drinking From The Firehose W/ Gnip
Eventbrite Tech Talk: Android Dev + Design

One City.

250+ Speakers.

2,500+ Attendees.

400+ Data & API Technologies.

DeveloperWeek 2014 Theme: Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development is more than a job title at today’s hottest tech companies, it is also a philosophy of managing technology. Full stack development means understanding each technology in the context of every layer of the stack. How well does Node work with MongoDB? What hardware / server configuration will help us scale a Ruby on Rails app? Are our engineers designing the data model and business logic with a clear concept of the customer use cases in mind?

Full Stack Development means that more engineers must know the role of his technology and layer within the context of the total technology stack – from server and database to design and user interface. In a sense, this means no developer or company should ever feel locked into any one technology – as long as your Full Stack is built right!

About DeveloperWeek

DeveloperWeek 2014 Conference & Expo in San Francisco (February 15 – 21) is the first dev conference that invites thousands of developers not just to learn new skills – build to build new apps, startups, and product features within one week.

DeveloperWeek is divided between Headquarter activities, Dev University, and Week activities:

Headquarters At the center of DeveloperWeek is the main stage and expo where 2,000 developers, executives, and entrepreneurs can converge around keynote talks and one of San Francisco’s largest exhibitions of developer tools

Dev University is where newbies or developer veterans can learn the newest programming languages and best practices in development

Hacker Week Activities such as the hackathon, scholarships, product challenges, and 2+ more challenge tracks offer you ways you can build apps, startups, or product features at DeveloperWeek – win prizes from the $100,000 in cash and prizes for the apps you build during DeveloperWeek – and get notoriety!

City-Wide Week Activities include tech startup open houses, interactive hiring mixer activities, and week-long summits / meetups / parties!

Who you are + what to do

Developer Job Hunters: Make sure you attend the Hiring Mixer, try out some of our Hiring Challenges (hacker challenges proposed by job hunters to find top devs), and attend our Main Stage / expo to get the pulse of current development

Serious Developers: (2+ years) Attend the technology-specific Dev Univeristy classes, join the hackathon, win cash / prizes via our challenges!

Tech Executives: Our main stage at DeveloperWeek has many non-technical talks on technology management, investors perspectives on development, and how to choose technology solutions!

Entrepreneurs: Attend the startup track of the Dev University, pitch your app ideas and form a team at the hackathon, meet developers at the hiring mixer or city-wide events!

Hiring Managers: Exhibit at the DeveloperWeek expo and hiring mixer, propose some product challenges or hiring challenges to find top talent, host your own open house in your bay area office!