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Week-Long Events // Feb. 15-21

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DeveloperWeek is excited to announce its App Challenges! You can apply for the below app challenges BEFORE SATURDAY FEBRUARY 15TH at 6:00 PM:

Decisions will be made by 6:00 PM Sunday!

Apply for a Challenge

In order to receive the $500 prize, you must integrate the sponsored technology, you must finish building the app by Wednesday February 20th, and must be able to present the app at the main stage of DeveloperWeek between 3:30 PM and 5:00 PM

Avenue Code ‘Party Planner’ Code Challenge

Cash prize

$500 for Java solution, $500 for Ruby solution

Additional prize

Qualified applicants will be given an opportunity to be interviewed by Avenue Code


You’ve been having such a great time at DevWeek and met so many awesome people, you decide to throw an impromptu party at your place to get to know a few of them better. Since this is kind of a spur of the moment idea, you have limited time to prepare and since you’re a young coder, early in your career, you have a limited budget to spend. However, as a gracious and considerate host, you know a few rules that guarantee a great party:
-There should be a few alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
-There should be a few types of snacks

The Plan

Of course being a coder and possessing those highly prized personality traits of efficiency and laziness, you scan the web for local deals on drinks and munchies before you go shopping so you can make the best use of your time and money. You discover that some, but not all of the items you want to buy, are on sale at different stores, so you’re going to have to visit a few of them and you’re going to have to do so as quickly as possible. Moreover, a store doesn’t have more than one type of snacks or one type of beverages on sale at the same time. Some stores may not have any snack or beverage on sale. If nothing is bought from a store, that store should not be visited. You quickly put together the information you need in order to plan your party:
• number of alcoholic, non-alcoholic and snacks that you will be offering.
• number of alcoholic, non-alcoholic and snacks that most people like and that you will consider shopping for
• The travel time matrix T(Si, Sj) between each store as well as travel time between each store and your home where first row and first column stand for home.
• a binary valued matrix X(Ai, Sj) for alcoholic beverage and store where value 1 indicates that the beverage is on sale at that store. Since columns represent stores, there would be only one 1 in a column.
• a similar binary value matrix Y(Ni, Sj) for non-alcoholic beverage and store
• a similar binary value matrix Z(Ki, Sj) for snack vs store


Your goal is to buy the supplies for your party on sale, doing so as quickly as possible.

For the complete details, go to

Submission deadline: March 09, 2014

Good luck!

D&B Dev Challenge

Cash prizes

Up to $2000 in prizes

Prize Description

you can get cash, coaching, or stage time for building a brand new app during DeveloperWeek! (or building a well-defined add-on to an existing app)

You can submit a proposal as a team of up to 4 people. You can only design / develop the app during DeveloperWeek One scholarship application can be submitted to multiple sponsored scholarships. You can win multiple scholarships for one application.

Sponsored Scholarships:
You can apply here for a sponsored scholarship (see the list of sponsored scholarships below) – where the top candidate for each scholarship receives $500 – $1000 as well as coaching during DeveloperWeek and 5 minutes on our main stage to pitch to the audience

How to integrate D&B technology

Stream and integrate D&B Data across company departments and processes with the D&B Direct API.

Connect& Integrate Data
Collect, cleanse, and enrich your sources of corporate, social media, and third party data with D&B’s world-leading commercial database and proprietary entity matching technology.

Deliver Insight
Stream integrated, quality data via web services into your company’s workflows in desired formats for easy access from any device, anytime.

Gain Foresight
Get contact data, firmographics, corporate linkage, financials, risk scores, and predictive analysis for the foresight your company needs to uncover opportunities and acceptable risks.

Deal-Making Due Diligence
Identify, screen and negotiate the best new deals for your business.

Credit Portfolio Management
Identify opportunities to loosen credit, grow revenue, tighten credit and minimize bad debt.

Collections Prioritization
Automatically identify the riskiest customers and those who pay timely.

Integrated Financial Decision-Making
Synchronize flow of information across your financial systems for smarter & faster decisions.

Source Cost Optimization
Identify cost efficiencies with insight into low-cost, stable sources of procurement.

Supplier & Distributor Performance
Maintain diligence and transparency of supplier and distributor performance.

Regulatory Compliance Management
Avoid non-compliance regulatory fines and penalties with unparalleled insight.

Order Management Optimization
Improve cash flow with a proactive, efficient and effective process.

The Sencha Developer Week App Challenge

Cash prize


How to integrate Sencha technology

Building an Application with Sencha Touch or Sencha Ext JS that would help a business solve a problem. Either the GPL or Commercial license versions are eligible.

The app should collect data from a user, save it to some backend or local storage (platform does not matter) then display it back, and then allow it to be edited.

The categories for this is wide open but it should be data driven.

Sencha Architect or any IDE can be used.

What is Sencha Touch? Sencha Touch, a high-performance HTML5 mobile application framework, is the cornerstone of the Sencha HTML5 platform. Built for enabling world-class user experiences, Sencha Touch is the only framework that enables developers to build powerful apps that work on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and more.

What is Sencha Ext JS?

Sencha Ext JS is the leading standard for business-grade web application development. With over 100 examples, 1000 APIs, hundreds of components, a full documentation suite and built in themes, Ext JS provides the tools necessary to build robust desktop applications. Ext JS also brings a rich data package that allows developers to use a model-view-controller (MVC) architecture when building their app. The MVC leverages features like Big Data Grids enabling an entirely new level of interactivity in web apps.

Please see for past winners

Parse + Facebook Challenge

Cash prize


In order to win the Parse + Faebook prize, we will be looking at the following as a baseline for Parse + Facebook integration:

- Parse Core – Social with Facebook Login
- Parse Core – Data

Note that unless you hit the baseline your app will not be considered for the Parse + Facebook prize.

Extra points will be awarded to those that add the following functionality or features:

- Parse Push (where available for the target platform SDK used)
- Parse Core – Cloud Code
- Parse Core – Hosting

Apps that meet or exceed the baseline integration requirements for the Parse + Facebook prize will then be judged on:

1. Depth of integration with Parse + Facebook APIs.
2. Creativity, uniqueness, and innovation of the app in the space it’s addressing.
3. Usefulness of the app for the target audience.
4. Quality of the user experience and product design.
5. The app’s potential as a business.
6. Social design.

Calling all Apps for Business users!

Do you have an existing Android productivity application that business users would like? It may already run on BlackBerry 10, and it’s very easy to check.

It often takes just 3 minutes and most apps require no changes to the source code! To qualify for this challenge, convert your apk to BlackBerry bar format and have it posted to BlackBerry World.

The best selected business/ productivity app wins a new BlackBerry Z30 smartphone! (a $500 value). Get started here –

Plus it is a great opportunity to reach a new market of app-hungry customers in 3 minutes or less! BlackBerry 10.2.1 OS has built in support for Android Jellybean (4.2.2).

Have questions? Attend Larry McDonough’s talk at 1:50pm on Tuesday or stop by our booth

Porting it over to BlackBerry 10 is fast and easy, get started here –

BlackBerry 10 offers leading edge performance and UX with capabilities to extend across multiple platforms. A choice of tools makes it easy to get started and port apps over, plus publishing your apps on BlackBerry® World™ expands your reach to a large, global audience. Discover new customers, and earn more revenue with BlackBerry® 10. Get access to great programs and support to be successful.

Contact Jarvis Brown with your submission –

Context.IO Challenge!

Cash prize


Additional prize

The winning app will also get free Context.IO API usage and support

How to integrate Context.IO technology

Context.IO is a REST API that makes it fast and easy to work with your user’s email data. You can query their email account for message headers, bodies, attachments, or threads. You can get lists of frequently emailed contacts. You can see what messages are in what folders and move them around. You can build valuable applications on TOP of email rather than replace it.

Getting started is a snap! Go to Context.IO and get a free API key. We have a cool interactive console, where you can explore the API without writing any code. We also have client libraries on github when you’re ready to start hacking.

At any time, feel free to contact us with any questions. We want to hear your ideas!

Happy hacking!

Types of submissions looking for

We’re looking for the next killer app built on top of email! It could be an app that uses email data in an interesting way – for instance, you could visualize your user’s email social graph and give them interesting metrics around how they use email. You could make an awesome email productivity app – maybe a game to help users get to “inbox zero” or a more intelligent auto-responder. People use email for many different activities and your app could help improve the experience of any of those! Be creative!

MemSQL Challenge

Cash prize


MemSQL will award $500 to the developer who proposes the most creative app idea that demonstrates MemSQL 2.5′s incredible speed and flexibility. Bonus points for using JSON but this is not required.