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Conference Tracks

Conference Tracks

Web App Dev

Get intro’s and advanced workshops web application development in Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, Javascript and all the newest back-end app languages

Mobile Dev

Get intro’s and advanced workshops on multi-platform development from Android, iPhone, device, and mobile web

Data Science & Machine Learning

What are the technologies, algorithms, and best practices for building data science and machine learning practices?

New Tracks for 2015


Conference talks and an event series specifically curated for women developers to learn, build, and inspire.

Dev Ops

The new DevOps track of DeveloperWeek highlights the technologies that enable new developers or seasoned DevOps professionals to scale their apps, configure servers and infrastructure, and even manage the data center, using the new Infrastructure-as-a-Service paradigm

Open Source Strategy

What makes a good open source project – and why are so many commercial tech startups using open source as their growth strategy?

Robotics and Machine Development

With new low cost robotics and embedded systems, any developer can now code using common languages for robots, machines and devices. Learn how to code for the real world.

Multi-Language Development

How should startups and enterprise dev teams make decisions about multiple languages and frameworks?