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Robots For Humanity
More Partner Events Coming Soon
With over 60 partner events expected for 2015, DeveloperWeek has turned into one of San Francisco’s largest week-long tech event series! Sponsors have the option of hosting partner events during DeveloperWeek! Most of the 30+ partner events in DeveloperWeek 2014 were sold-out or at capacity, you can browse last year’s example events here.  

Sponsors who host partner events receive the following promotions:

  • Your event listed on website Events page and print brochure Events schedule
  • Your event will receive a dedicated email blast invite to all registered attendees (4,000 – 6,000)
  • Your event will receive a mention on the day that the event is hosted in the morning email to all registered attendees

We require all partner events to follow these instructions

  • You are responsible for all productions and logistics around your event including procuring venues and vendors as well as managing registration, food & beverage, content / speakers
  • Partner events should create their own registration webpage (we recommend eventbrite) so that you can capture registrant leads and manage your capacity
  • Partner events should set their registration capacity at 2.5X the event capacity since on average free DeveloperWeek partner events will see 40% of registered attendees actually show up to the event
  • Partner events are required to list “DeveloperWeek” in the title of their event, and provide a link to DeveloperWeek.com prominently within the description of their event
  • Partner events must allow DeveloperWeek pass holders to attend their event for free, since we advertise to pass holders that their passes will get them into all partner events

Event Details

Tuesday February 10

Developer Evangelist Summit


The Developer Evangelist Summit is an invite-only Summit where all attendees are developer evangelists, and all attendees are participants.

The “Developer Evangelist” role can vary greatly depending on whether you target “hackers”, startup developers, or enterprise developers – and also varies on the resources of your company – and how you measure ROI. Yet there are many challenges and opportunities that developer evangelists share – and it’s our goal to explore these topics.

When you register, we ask you to propose questions for the unPanel! Though there are panelists, the entire unPanel is participatory – as is the Open Mic talks where you can bring your own questions for other Developer Evangelists.

12:00 – 1:00
Get Lunch!

1:00 – 1:40 PM
UnPanel talk with questions submitted by all attendees on registering. Possible Topics:

  • What does a developer evangelist actually do each day?
  • How much sales, marketing, or PR do you do – or is that the job of the other work groups?
  • What online tools / social networks can help developer evangelists connect to developers?
  • What are your strategies for hosting your own user conferences?
  • Do you have a partner-building strategy for growing your partner ecosystem?
  • Who do you look for when hiring a developer evangelist?

1:40 – 2:10 PM
Lightning Talks
We will invite speakers who run large-scale hackathons, civic developer initiatives, developer media, and developer social networks to come speak about engaging the developer audience.

2:10 – 2:30 PM
Open Mic for anyone to present new ideas or ask questions
You have a room full of developer evangelists and an open mic. Come start conversations about new developer event ideas – questions about how to engage developers around troubleshooting – or even questions on if / when / why to open-source your technology.

Wednesday February 11

DevOps Summit

The new DevOps track of DeveloperWeek highlights the technologies that enable new developers or seasoned DevOps professionals to scale their apps, configure servers and infrastructure, and even manage the data center, using the new Infrastructure-as-a-Service paradigm

Silicon Valley Robotics Network Event: Robots For Humanity


Let’s celebrate Developer Week with a network event focused on “Robots For Humanity” with guest speakers Henry Evans (R4H) and Steve Cousins (Savioke). Robots for Humanity (R4H.org) is about using technology to extend our capabilities, fill in our weaknesses, and let people perform at their best.

  • 6.00 – networking & refreshments
  • 6.30 – show’n’tell (tell us about your startup/company/project)
  • 7.00 – speakers – Steve Cousins and Henry Evans
  • 7.30 – more networking & refreshments
  • 8.00 – good night!